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Kareena, Saif name their second baby ‘Jeh’; astrologer explains the meaning

After much speculation, the name of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s second child has finally been revealed.

The celeb couple, who welcomed a baby boy in February this year have named him ‘Jeh’. This was confirmed by Kareena’s father Randhir Kapoor.

What is the meaning of ‘Jeh’?

‘Jeh’ is a Parsi name and it means ‘to come’, Kashish Parashar, astrologer, numerologist and palm reader, tells indianexpress.com. “It is a very nice and positive name; the name means that the baby would bring a lot of joy in their life and the world.”

Significance of the name ‘Jeh’

In terms of numerology, the name when totalled comes to the number seven. “We usually do not recommend names whose total comes to four, seven and eight,” Parashar says. This is because the numbers usually indicate that the baby may become “extremely spiritual“, distant from the materialistic world we live in. “There is a possibility that he or she might not get married or would not get into business. The person is likely to be distant from the materialistic world. There is also the possibility of becoming a saint or involving oneself a lot in charity,” she adds.

However, the name also suggests that the baby will have a strong emotional connection with the mother. “The baby will be every emotional and soft-hearted, and he will get a lot of things based on his destiny,” she further says.

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