'World Witnessing Live Example of Guru Gobind Singh's Teachings in Farmers' Satyagraha': Rahul Gandhi - Hindustan Pin & Infotainment

‘World Witnessing Live Example of Guru Gobind Singh’s Teachings in Farmers’ Satyagraha’: Rahul Gandhi

‘Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday paid homage to Guru Gobind Singh on his birth anniversary and said the world is witnessing live example of the 10th Sikh Guru’s teachings as farmers continue their “satyagraha”.

Paying tributes to the Sikh Guru on his 354th birth anniversary, Gandhi said his heroic life has taught “us the value of sacrifice in the fight for justice”. “As our farmer brothers-sisters continue their Satyagraha, the world witnesses live example of his teachings,” the former Congress chief said in a tweet while extending his greetings to people on ‘Prakash Utsav’.

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